Identifying The Best WordPress Hosting Companies

wordpress hosting

So, you have decided to design your website, and just while everything is falling into place, you realize that you need a web hosting company to go live. Choosing just another web hosting service will take you nowhere. A professional with a long-standing reputation in the field is the ideal choice. Forget about downtime worries and be placed high in the search engine ladder. Page upload speed, bandwidth, storage, database are some of the features that should not be compromised. the best wordpress hosting companies can be found online. can help in this endeavor as it comes with user-friendly web hosting plans.

Prerequisites to host WordPress site
WordPress uses PHP and is a widely used for its low resource intensive application. This makes it ideal for WordPress can be hosted on any plan easily irrespective of the web hosting company. The requirement for WordPress hosting is PHP version 7 or higher, MySQL version 5.6 or higher and HTTPS support. Most hosting companies back 1 click installation.

Points to note while choosing WordPress Hosting Company
The company has to be reliable without compromising on the page load speed, security, customer support and the cost. Choose a service provider recommended in the WordPress community. The servers have to be stable, and the support team should leave no stone unturned to prevent downtime.

Free Hosting: This hosting is not 100% reliable and free means spammy, and your website is at the risk of being penalized by prominent search engines.

Shared Hosting: It is a popular method of hosting and is inexpensive. It is suitable for websites with limited traffic. You share the server space with other websites. It is for those websites that do not have much content or traffic.

VPS Hosting: It is a virtual machine and is a physical server partitioned virtually. The server can be controlled and fine-tuned to meet your needs. It is ideal for mid-size business and blogs with heavy traffic. The advantage of VPS is that it can be scaled to accommodate traffic surges when a post goes viral.

Dedicated Hosting: If you own a physical server exclusively for your needs it is called dedicated hosting. It allows you to choose an operating system, install frameworks, manage hardware and fine tune it to the core. It is suitable for websites and blogs that receive extreme traffic.

Managed Hosting: Statistics has it that 27% of the websites globally are powered by WordPress. This has driven the need for managed WordPress hosting. Here the hosting is optimized for the use of WordPress. It is made sure that there are no snags, downtime and it is protected from cyber threats. It also supports full backup and recovery. Whenever something goes wrong, the data is retrieved within minutes.

A WordPress hosting service is experienced and has expertise in this CMS. Forget about spending hours explaining your website issues to the support personnel. Now, everything can be completed within minutes as these experts instantly identify the problems and provide solutions.

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